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HEINE XHL 3,5V spare bulb #078 is only compatible with 3,5V instruments, which means instrument with handles that have rechargeable batteries and NOT handles with dry cell batteries with 2,5V systems.
The bulb is designed for use with the following instruments: BETA 200 otoscope, BETA 400 otoscope, K 180 otoscope, LAMBDA 100 retinometer, finoff transilluminator, BETA 200 VET otoscope, slit illumination head, illumination adapter for F.O. instruments.

Please note that 3,5V bulbs must only be used with 3,5V handles/power sources.

Each HEINE XHL Xenon Halogen Technology bulb is designed to provide the ideal color temperature for the diagnosis the instrument is intended for. This ensures a proper balance between illumination brightness and true tissue color for the most accurate diagnosis.

The performance of each HEINE optical instrument depends on the bulb that powers it. Lenses built into the glass bulb envelope, precision filament placement and homogeneous light projection are major factors in ensuring the satisfactory performance of your HEINE instrument.

Advanced design and manufacturing procedures prevent dangerous bulb implosions.


  • Optimum color temperature
  • Optical performance / Safety


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